"I liked contacting the patent owners about construction. I'm pretty sure the current price is a low get off the ground entry price. It has 17mm side bars, plus a rubber bar sleeve for rust protection. We all know 15mm and over are pretty hack proof without a thief making a commotion, incase you haven't been watching the lockpicking lawyer on utube and his safety show.

But the best part is the crazy deep and wonderful key and key cylinder. A full inch of key insertion. This means if you are a thieving varmit and have all your ordinary lock picking tools- you will still need to get a pick kit upgrade to get in. And then only if you are an absolute pro? It will still take 4-5 minutes 4-5 minutes. And if you are that good a picker you will have moved on from bikes and on to bank vaults and rolls royces. FYI- that's not a suggestion.

This is for my motorcycle. My criteria were 2. 1st is 15mm side bar. 2nd is depth of lock. The next one closest to this is an $85 plus fogetahboutit. This one won.

PS the bag is much nicer than i expected. Rust proof nylon zipper and large good with gloves metal fob. I'm impressed." - Barky

"The Option Lock is a game changer in the field of bike locks. It can open from both sides for those hard to reach areas that we all find ourselves in when locking our bicycles up. And if it’s an easy locking situation, you can just open one side. This is stronger than the leading bike locks and the price is competitive. So why buy a U shaped lock and find yourself in a situation where you can’t lock your bike up. Get an Option Lock and never be in that situation again. And it has many uses, not just bikes. They include motorcycles, scooters, baby strollers and many other applications. So do yourself a favor and purchase an Option Lock and never be frustrated locking up your bike again." - Ed K.

"Great quality and easy to use. I bought 4 for the kids, so even better, was it didn't require installing any parts on the bikes, it came with a bag, but oldest just throws the lock in his backpack. Love the ability to unlock it from any direction" - ma

"So easy to use and versatile. I love how it opens from both sides to secure my Trek to any post, fence, gate, etc. High quality parts. Heavy duty, rugged feel that it's built to last. Buying 4 more for the rest of the family!" - Marc P.

"This product arrived the next day after ordering. It is a durable and versatile product. It’s user-friendly and makes it easy to keep my bike safe! Thanks for making such a great product at a reasonable price!" - JY

"I can't believe I'm actually submitting review, but so impressed with how easy this lock is to use. I didn't realize how much effort and time I wasted using the "U" shaped lock for my bike over the years. I bought option lock a few months ago and am really impressed. It is a heavy, safe and secure lock that is extremely easy to use. Being able to lock/unlock it from either end makes it very convenient. I just bought two more for my kids. I was tired of watching them struggle with their other locks. I highly recommend the option lock!!" - Josh K.

"This is my 4th purchase of the option lock. First bought it for myself and my uncle and aunt who are serious cyclists, then my father in law in Connecticut who rides to work most days. They all love it! It’s just very simple engineering and quick to release and lock without the fuss of my previous lock bars and cables. Def a solid purchase." - Jack H.

"Cool design and feels secure." - T Kelly

"This lock rocks! Solid bike lock. Huge fan of the two-sided lock." - Mike S.