The Option Lock Story



Option Lock, LLC was formed after Scott was awarded a patent for his multi-lock bike lock design. A unique bike lock allowing bikers to lock and unlock their bike from the top or bottom or side to side depending on the situation.

He came up with the idea for a  multi-locking mechanism bike lock through his fondness for biking. Like a lot of us, Scott learned to ride at an early age using his bike to run errands, go to school, make social calls, exercise and more.  Just a regular guy enjoying his time outside.

Over the years he had grown tired of chain bike locks and bulky U-locks. In 2012 Scott was living in Marina Del Rey, a bustling beach town buzzing with bike riders and beach cruiser. It was here that he discovered the challenges of finding an ideal space to lock up his bike.

Bike racks were crowded. Scott either squeezed his bike into crowded bike racks or tethered his bike to a pole or fence like most people. As he did this day in and day out, his bike frame would get scratched or he couldn't get to his bike lock. The shackle had typically fallen between peddles or other peoples wheels. 

It was at times like these Scott wondered, why didn't bike locks come with locking mechanisms on both sides? Bikers could avoid this struggle and nonsense if they could just lock and unlock their bike from different angles. This was the premise for the Option Lock.

Today Scott is peddling his bike locks offering consumers a smarter option. With tons of bike locks on the market, only the Option Lock breaks down into four pieces for easy storage and offers bikers an opportunity for multiple lock access with two locking mechanisms.