It is so simple, it's genius!


The Option Lock is a durable strong lock made  to protect against bike theft. It's made of high-grade quality steel with rotating lock covers to protect against corrosion. The Option Lock is weather resistant and rubber coated protecting your bike against scratches. It is a heavy duty bike lock that will keep your bike safe. 


The Option Lock is a unique bike lock. It's innovative patented design allows users to lock or unlock the bike lock from the top, bottom or side. It's the perfect bike lock for bike hobbiests of all ages and supervised children. This includes but is not limited to beach bikers, college and urban commuters and more. 


The Option Lock bike lock is awesome. It offers bike enthusiasts solutions to the most common bike lock complaints. It's tougher than a chain lock. It's less bulky than a U-lock. It's easy to carry around and allows users to unlock and lock their bike from either side. This means less bending, reaching and twisting for you. 

Every bike needs an option lock

  • The original two-sided bike lock.
  • Ergonomically considerate. Less bending, reaching and twisting to access the keyways.
  • Less bulky than a U-lock and stronger than a chain lock.
  • Protects against and deters bike theft. 
  • Breaks down into two, three or four pieces for easy toting.
  • Great for preteens, adults and senior citizens.
  • Fits on E-bikes, bicycles, trikes, scooters, mo-peds and more,  
Option Lock Bike Lock

Option Lock Bike Lock

The Option Lock comes with two brass keys and durable eco-friendly mounting case. Not only does the lock look nice, but it's rubber coated to prevent scratches and weather resistant
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How to use the option lock


Two locking mechanisms, one on each side to choose from. Place the lock around the bike frame or wheel and secure it to a stationary location such as a bike rack, pole, fence or park bench. Use the keys to close the lock and walk away.


Place the lock in the eco-friendly carrying case when not in use. The Option Lock can also be stored in a backpack, satchel, purse, cross-body bag and more. The lock breaks down into four pieces for easy storage and toting.


Mount the eco-friendly carrying case on the bike frame or handle-bars and ride away. The Option Lock bike system is great for theft protect and yet simple enough for any pre-teen or senior citizen. 


The Option Lock bike lock is an innovative twist on traditional bike locks. It's patented design keeps bikes safe while it gives users the option of locking and unlocking the bike lock from either side. It is the original two-sided bike lock! It has two locking mechanism instead of the traditional one, so it never matters which side you lock your bike from because you can always unlock it from the side that's easiest to access.

The Option Lock breaks down into four, three, or two pieces for easy toting in storage. This eliminates the hassle of having a bulky or big lock to carry around. The bike lock easily fits into the carrying case provided or can be stored in a backpack, satchel, cross-body bag, etc. . .  The Option Lock minimizes some major issues consumers have with other bike locks providing diversity and ease.   

"Such a cool bike lock! I take my family biking all the time and it nice having a bike lock that the kids can put in a bag and hang on their own bike."

Joan, Glendale, CA

"As an avid bike rider and triathlete, I think this bike lock is great.  Locking and unlocking the lock from either side saves so much time."

Mike, Westlake, CA

"This lock is great. I didn't want to buy a super pricey bike lock or one that was super cheap. This was right in the middle and it works great.  Easy to use and easy to store."

LJ, Valley Village, CA